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In the interest of public service and for prompt and effective implementation, monitoring of Departmental Schemes, Fishery Department, Government of Assam has established one Project Monitoring Unit (PMU) with the following technical officers of the Department.

SlName of the OfficerDesignation
1Dr. R.Ch. BarmanFishery Development Officer  (Information)
2Mr. Trinayan Deb SharmaFishery Development Officer
3Mr. Arup Kr. DasFishery Development Officer
4Mr. Sanjay TamuliFishery Development Officer

Fishery Department had submitted one externally aided project entitled “Assam Fisheries Development and Livelihood Project” in the month of Nov, 2017 to the Ministry of DoNER, Government of India through the State Finance Department. The project is proposed to be financed by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) for three years (From the year 2017 to 2020) with total allocation of Rs. 3391.50 Cr. The basic goal of the project is to make the State self sufficient in table fish production by 2021-22 and thereby increase fish intake by the people of the State, to ensure supply of cheapest source of protein to them as well as create more additional employment in rural areas through fisheries.

Fishery Department has already received clearance from the Ministry of DoNER, Agriculture and Framers Welfare, External Affairs, Home Affairs and Economic Affairs with some comments where Deptt. has already shared views, etc. with the concerned Ministries. As a result, the project has already been included in the JICA’s Rolling Plan as communicated by the Ministry of Finance , GoI vide their Lr. No- F.-1/4/2017/Japan-1 Dated 24.7.2017.

Consequent upon inclusion of fishery project in the JICA’s Rolling Plant, 2017 by the Ministry of Finance, GoI, a special JICA cell is created within the Project Monitoring Unit (PMU) with immediate effect vide Govt. notification FISH 252/2016 Dated July 27, 2017.

  1. Shri N.F.H. Hussain, A.C.S. , Additional Secy , Department of Fisheries
  2. Shri S.K.DFas, A.C.S., Director of Fisheries, Assam
  3. Mrs. Anamika Tiwari, A.C.S., Deputy Secy, Fishery Department
  4. Shri P.K.Hazarika , i/c T.M., AFDC Ltd.
  5. Member of LEAP Cell nominated by Principal Secy, Finance Deptt.
  6. Dr. R.Ch. Barman, FDO(I), Member Secy