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Government Of Assam Fishery

Blue Revolution & Integrated Development and Management of Fisheries

Blue Revolution……. the Neel Kranti Mission…….


During 2015-16, Govt. of Indian has launched the ambitious scheme-Blue Revolution, the Neel Kranti Mission throughout the country with the vision to achieve economic prosperity of the country and the fishers and fish farmers as well as contribute towards food and nutritional security through potential utilization of water resources for fisheries development in a sustainable manner, keeping in view the bio-security and environmental concerns. The scheme will focus on tapping the full production potential and enhance productivity substantially from aquaculture and fisheries resources, both inland and marine. Substantially increasing the share of Indian fisheries in the export area would be a key goal. It will ensure doubling the income of the fishers and fish farmers with inclusive participation of the socio-economically weaker sections and ensure sustainability with environment and bio security.

The total central outlay of the scheme is Rs.3000.00 crores for implementation during a period of five years (2015-16 to 2019-20) throughout the country


Creating an enabling environment for integrated development of the full potential of fisheries of the country, along with substantially improvement in the income status of fishers and fish farmers keeping in view the sustainability, bio-security and environmental concerns


  • Formulation of a Neel Kranti Mission Plan (Blue Revolution Mission Plan) for tapping the full potential of the inland and marine culture fisheries of the country by developing it as a professional modern world class industry
  • Ensure doubling of income of fishers and fish farmers of the country
  • Ensure sustainability of, bio-security and address environmental concerns for enabling sustainability of the fishing industry


  • To fully tap the total fish potential of the country both in the inland and the marine sector and triple the production by 2020
  • To transform the fisheries sector as a modern industry with special focus on new technologies and processes.
  • To double the income of the fishers and fish farmers with special focus on increasing productivity and better marketing post harvest infrastructure including e-commerce and other technologies and global best innovations
  • To ensure inclusive participation of the fishers and fish farmers in the income enhancement
  • To triple the export earnings by 2020 with focus on benefits flow to the fishers and fish farmers including through institutional mechanisms in the cooperative, producer companies and other structures
  • To enhance food and nutritional security of the country

Implementaion Of Blue Revolution Scheme In Assam During 2016-17

  • Under the scheme, Assam has received the approval of total project cost of Rs. 2051.81 lakh with the sanction amount of Rs. 1641.45 lakh (80% central assistance).
  • The funding pattern is : 80:20 (Central share: Beneficiary/State share).
  • Major component undertaken:
    1. Tank construction (Government ) through community based organization:17.10 ha
    2. Existing pond renovation: 30ha
    3. Construction of feed mill with 1-5 Qt per day : 12 no
    4. Establishment of fish seed hatcheries for IMC and other specific cultivable species : 10 no
    5. Housing for fishers on cluster basis in number =75
    6. Construction of community hall with sanitation, water supply and electrification =1
Blue Revolution