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Background of Fishery mission Society (FMS-CMSGUY)

Hon’ble Finance Minister in his budget speech on 26th July, 2016 proposed to take up a Mega Mission called Chief Minister Samagra Gramya Unnayan Yojana (CMSGUY) for 5 years from 2016-17 and culminating in the year 2021-22 coinciding with 75 years of India’s Independence. The main objective is to double the farm income, in unison with the vision of Hon’ble Prime Minister of India. To attain this goal of doubling the farm income of the State of Assam, Fishery Mission will play a crucial role in co ordination with the Mega Mission under its overall supervision and mentoring.

Area of Operation:-

The area of operation of the society will extend throughout the state of Assam.

Purposes and Objectives:-

1. To contribute to achieve the goal of double the farm income in Assam by 2021-22, to commemorate 75th year of India’s Independence.

2. Development of existing water resources through effective resource utilization scientifically and creation of additional water bodies for large scale fish production in scientific way.

3. Quality fish seed production and distribution at farmer’s door step and making the State self-sufficient in advanced fingerling production by 2022.

4. Conservation of native, endangered and indigenous fish species by diffusing useful knowledge and extend doorstep technical support to the stakeholders including capacity building programme for the stakeholders with the involvement and help from the partnering organizations.

Functions of the Fishery Mission Society:-

1. Strive to achieve the goal of doubling the farm income by 2021-22 by involving all resources available and under the overall supervision, guidance and mentorship of Mega Mission Society-CMSGUY established for the purpose.

2. To create duly empowered management mechanism, through participation of the Fishery Department (in which the individual Mission exists)/collaboration with various Government Departments, and autonomous bodies/educational institutions including NGOs etc as may be deemed necessary for achievement of the objectives of the Mission under CMSGUY.

3. Bring out innovations and new ideas in the respective fields so that the implementation is effective.

4. Bring convergence with the schemes being implemented by various agencies under the participating departments in this Mission with the resources allocated from the MMS-CMSGUY and also with other Departments/Missions synergistically for ensuring maximum outcome and outputs for the Mission.

5. Engage efficient manpower, provide technical support, supply necessary data and guidance etc to the Block Mission team wherever necessary in order to achieve the task of the CMSGUY.

6. Impart Training to the Block Mission /Village level Programme implementation Team in the relevant fields.

7. Preparation of Annual Action Plan in the beginning of the year, may be, after receiving PIPs (Project Implementation Plan) from Block Missions and submit to Mega Mission Society for necessary consideration.

8. Prepare state level Macro Plan in a comprehensive manner to make the Mission successful.

9. Establishment of Market linkages/Mechanisms inside and outside the state to market the produce of various stake holders.

10. To involve all the Departmental resources/Agencies in an appropriate way to support the Mission.

11. Supervising / Monitoring (Assisting Mega Mission in) the implementation of PIPs.

12. Acting as interface between the Block Mission Team and the Mega Mission.

13. To make Rules, Regulations and Bylaws not inconsistent with the MoA in conduct of activities of the Mission.

14. To receive/accept fund from the MMS-CMSGUY and mobilize funds from other sources for the purpose of implementation of schemes and other expenses meant for achieving the objectives of the Mission.

15. To prepare annual Reports, monthly, quarterly and annual accounts of the Mission.

16. To commit expenditure as received from the MMS-CMSGUY, Government or any other sources in pursuance of the objectives of the Mission.

17. To take all such actions including those not mentioned above as may be necessary for or incidental to the achievement of the objectives of the Mission. Commit funds and enter into contracts with various vendors, suppliers and consultants for design, implementation and maintenance of projects under CMSGUY subject to approval of the MMS-CMSGUY.

18. To hire technical consultants and staff for various requirement in the Mission with the approval of the MMS-CMSGUY.

Management of the Fishery Mission Society:-

The management of the affairs of the Fishery Mission Society shall be vested in a two tier administrative system comprising of the Governing Body (GB) and the Executive Body (EB). While the Governing Body shall be the apex policy-making body, the Executive Body shall be the executive authority of the Society, which shall function as per over-all direction and guidance of the Governing Body.

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