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Government Of Assam Fishery

Matsya Jagaran: Ghare Ghare Pukhuri Ghare Ghare Maach


Basic objectives

  • Providing nutritional and livelihood support to fishers
  • Employment generation
  • Enhancing fish production and making the State self sufficient in fish production by 2020-21
  • Empowering the rural women through fisheries

Financial Resources:

  • State Plan
  • Blue Revolution (GoI)
  • RIDF
  • CMSGUY etc.

Major components:

  • Construction of homestead individual ponds of around 1 bigha each (0.14 ha)
  • Construction of community ponds of around 7.5 bigha each (1.0 ha)

Implementation Status

  • During 2016-17 (implemented):
    1. Blue Revolution: Development of 150 ha of individual ponds and 30 ha of community ponds.
    2. State Plan:Development of 64 ha of new individual ponds
  • During 2017-18 (targeted)
    1. State Plan: Development of63 ha of new individual ponds
    2. RIDF: Development of 1000 ha of individual ponds and 375 ha of community ponds
    3. On implementation of scheme, more than 7000 ha individual ponds and at least 375 ha village community tankinfrastructure will be created resulting direct benefit to more than 10000 families.

JICA Project (Assam Fisheries Development and Livelihood Project”) is in pipeline:

  • Total project cost: Rs. 3391.50 Cr
  • Duration: 3 years with scope to increase up to 5 years
  • Already cleared by Ministry of DoNER, Agriculture and Framers Welfare, Home Affairs, NitiAayog, External Affairs and Department of Economic Affairs.
  • Included in the Rolling Plan of JICA
  • Proposed Activities:
    1. Construction of 10000 Village Community Tanks @ 1.0 ha size: Total pond -10000
    2. Construction of 28000 ha individual ponds with average size of 1 bigha: Total pond 2.0 lakh no (approx)
    3. A total of 114,000 tonne fish additionally will be produced after completion of the projectand by 2020-21, the State will be in self sufficient in fish production.
Matsya Jagaran