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Government Of Assam Fishery

Settlement of Fisheries


  • The term “fishery” means the waters declared to be a fishery by proclamation issued under section 16 of the Assam Land and Revenue Regulation,1886 (I of 1886) and includes Kheos or Fish ways, Dobas and Beels; and “Fish” includes Shell-fish and turtles;
  • The term “year” means twelve months from the 1st April, to the 31st March.

Register of Fisheries

A registrar of Govt. Fishery (including navigable rivers which are public property), must be kept up by each Dist and sub-Divisional Officer in Form No.97 of the Assam Land Revenue Manual, Volume II and no alternation in the registrar, whether by the addition or removal of the Fisheries or revision of Fishery boundaries, may be made without the previous sanction of Govt.

Procedure for sale of Fisheries

  • The Deputy Commissioner of the Addl. Deputy Commissioner in case of Sadar Sub-Divisions and the Sub-Divisional Officer in case of other Sub-Divisions shall annually fix of date, ordinarily not later than the (1st January) for the sale of all registered fisheries, held under leases expiring on the last day of the current year or which at the last previous auctions were reserved from sale under Rule-9. The date fixed shall be proclaimed by the Deputy Commissioner or the Addl. Deputy Commissioner or Sub-Divisional Officer at least a months in advance by a written notice in Form No.101 of the Assam Land Revenue Manual, Volume-II posted at the sadar or Sub-Divisional Cutchery as the case may be and at the Munsiff and police station within the local limits of which the Fishery or any part of it is situated. The notice shall state the name of the fishery, the Mauza or pargana within which it is situated, and any other particulars that may be necessary for its identification: the term and price for which it was sold at the last auction, and the term for which it will not be sold, and the date, place and conditions of sale. The Content of this notice shall also ( if possible), be made known by beat of drum at the Bazar nearest to the Fishery.
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  • The Fishery of the Sadar Sub-Division shall be sold by the Deputy Commissioner or the Addl. Deputy Commissioner or if so authorized by them in witting by the sadar Sub-Divisional officer and those of other Sub-Divisional shall be sold by respective Sub-Divisional Officer. Provide that the procedure prescribe for fixation of date for the sale of all registered fisheries of proclamation of such date at least a month in advance by a written notice in Form No.101 of the Assam Land Revenue Manual Volume-II as amended hereinafter shall not apply in respect of the sale of the such fisheries, for the year 1971-72.

Condition of Sale

The Following conditions of the sale shall be specified in the notice and shall be proclaimed before the sale begins.

  • The Officer conducting the sale does not bind himself to accept the highest tender or any tender
  • Conditions of sale of Fisheries: Any tenders including Co-operative Societies formed by Communities other than members of actual fisherman belong to Scheduled Castes or members of Maimal Community of the Dist. of Cachar.
  • Provide that Fisheries Co-operative Societies with 100 percent share holder from members of actual Fisherman belong to Scheduled Caste of the state or Maimal Community of the Dist. of Cachar and registered under the Assam Co-operative Societies Act. 1949.
  • If the purchase fails to execute a counterpart within one month from the date of the sale the fishery shall be re-bold at his risk and he shall be bound to make good
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